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A comprehensive patent portfolio is vital for companies and individuals who want to protect their intellectual property (IP) assets. Cantor Colburn’s team of patent attorneys and agents can guide small, medium, and large companies as they build their portfolios through the process of obtaining patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and from other patent offices around the world.

Cantor Colburn’s patent prosecution practice is one of the largest, most experienced departments of its kind. We have steadily moved up the rankings of the top patent prosecution firms and today we are the fourth largest among U.S. law firms.  We are also unique among the firms at the top of that listing in that many of the patents we obtain are originally written by Cantor Colburn’s patent attorneys and agents. Our patent attorneys and agents meet and work closely with inventors to completely understand their inventions. Then, we draft patent applications that perfectly encapsulate those inventions while taking into consideration our clients’ ultimate business goals. Once the patent applications are complete, we file and prosecute them with the utmost care and effort.

Due to our history of outperforming our own high standards and those of our clients, Cantor Colburn’s patent prosecution team has developed a client list that includes multiple domestic and international  Fortune 100 companies, including many that are at the forefront of science and technology research and development.

A Wealth of Experience
The members of Cantor Colburn’s patent prosecution team understand the USPTO’s rules and regulations and can navigate the system in the most effective manner possible. With an office located a short walk away from the USPTO’s campus in Alexandria, Virginia, our local attorneys frequently meet with Patent Examiners as a way to ensure that the Examiners handling our clients’ cases understand and appreciate the inventions we are protecting. The attorneys who regularly file and prosecute international applications have similarly broad experience.

Cantor Colburn’s patent prosecution team includes several professionals holding advanced scientific degrees and many who worked professionally in engineering or scientific fields before earning their law degrees. Our depth of education, technical expertise, and legal experience enables us to expertly analyze technical and legal issues and present the most persuasive case on behalf of our clients.

Comprehensive Services
Members of our patent prosecution team regularly draft and prosecute patent applications relating to a wide variety of technological disciplines. Our services include: