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Cantor Colburn is routinely asked by our clients to provide opinions with regard to pending patents and patent applications. These opinions vary from validity, infringement, non-infringement, and clearance, freedom to operate, or right-to-practice issues, to ensure that our clients are able to navigate existing patent portfolios as well as enforcing their own patent portfolios. We provide a tailored and balanced approach to each individual client’s needs in order to avoid the unnecessary expenditure of time and money.

Many of our clients are industry leaders who entrust us with their patent opinion work, knowing that our focused approach supports their efforts to bring new products to market with minimal risk of infringement.

Training in a wide number of technologies gives our attorneys the insight and perspective needed to provide clients informed counsel. By combining legal experience with technical knowledge, they are uniquely able to generate opinions that align precisely with individual client business objectives.

We prepare opinions in a number of sizes and formats, ranging from memos and relatively short letters to summary opinions, which include extensive and detailed analyses with multiple exhibits, as called for by the specific situation.

For clients in any given market, we render:

Non-infringement Opinions
Cantor Colburn helps our clients effect the seamless introduction of new products by preparing non-infringement opinions.

Invalidity Opinions
We regularly prepare comprehensive opinions for clients looking to determine the validity of a patent held by a competitor.

Patentability Opinions
For clients seeking to learn whether a new product or process is patentable, a patentability opinion is an invaluable tool.

Right to Practice Opinions
For clients seeking to learn whether a new product or process is capable of being introduced into a market, a right to practice opinion is often an invaluable tool.