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Mechanical Engineering Practice

Cantor Colburn’s is ranked as the #3 firm in the U.S. in 2022 for obtaining utility patents in the USPTO's Mechanical Engineering technology center. Cantor Colburn’s attorneys and agents will help you protect the commercially relevant aspects of your innovations and pursue claims that offer a substantive effect to keep competitors at bay.  Our deep bench of seasoned attorneys and agents bridge disciplines in mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, physics, materials engineering, computer engineering, chemical engineering and more. They are skilled and experienced in diverse areas such as manufacturing, (including additive manufacturing), automotive, aerospace, sealing, machinery, machine design, measurement, resource recovery, energy, medical instruments, consumer products, heating and ventilation, thermodynamics, electrical power distribution, renewables, packaging, etc., and understand not only the technical aspects of innovations to be pursued but the business implications of monetizing those innovations.

Cantor Colburn's fully staffed IP Transactional Practice Group helps clients navigate transactional aspects such as licensing and other agreement work when needed.