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Additive Manufacturing Practice

The Future of Manufacturing

As one of the nation’s leading intellectual property law firms, Cantor Colburn is uniquely positioned to help clients who have embraced such innovative additive manufacturing technologies as 3D printing to protect their valuable IP assets and avoid infringing on the rights of others.

The relative ease of 3D printing makes client innovations especially vulnerable to counterfeiting. Our team can help clients defend against copying in the U.S. and can coordinate with foreign associates to enforce IP rights overseas.

Among the nation’s first firms with a practice dedicated to additive manufacturing, we are in the forefront of this emerging area. Our talented team members are proficient in these advanced technologies, boasting academic credentials in disciplines ranging from mechanical and electrical engineering to computer science, metallurgy, and organic chemistry. They have spoken at the White House and at industry conferences and have served as in-house counsel for a leading provider of 3D printing solutions.

Our wealth of experience encompasses virtually all of the technologies that are driving this new industrial revolution. We offer companies of all sizes, universities, and research institutions the strategic guidance they need to compete successfully in an evolving market.

Cantor Colburn is dedicated to helping innovative additive manufacturers fully enjoy the opportunities afforded by their IP properties.