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Trademark and Copyright Practice

One of the nation’s largest full-service intellectual property law firms, Cantor Colburn has enjoyed tremendous growth in recent years. Ranked #11 in the US for trademark registrations in 2023, our trademark attorneys manage more than 24,000 marks in more than 100 countries for our clients.

Our robust Trademark & Copyright practice group is dedicated to helping clients leverage these valuable intellectual property rights to their best advantage. We counsel clients ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups and mid-sized companies to Fortune 100 multinationals in all aspects of trademark and copyright law. Many of our clients are leaders in their industries, such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, computer science, entertainment and telecommunications. Clients benefit from our strategically-focused approach to the creation and protection of their brands and content.

We represent numerous clients who hold extensive domestic and international trademark and copyright portfolios. Over the years, we have cultivated a network of reliable and experienced foreign counsel who work with us to protect our clients’ interests around the world.

Our Trademark & Copyright attorneys bring years of experience to helping brand owners manage their “non-patent” IP assets. We offer pragmatic, innovative, relevant – and cost-effective – business-driven solutions.

Our comprehensive trademark and copyright legal services include:

Trademarks and Trade Dress
We help brand owners create, select, clear, acquire, register, maintain, protect and enforce their trademarks and trade dress through a comprehensive suite of services.

Cantor Colburn copyright attorneys help clients identify, protect, register, and manage their copyrightable works and creative materials – from books and films to websites and computer software – in the U.S. and abroad.

Unfair Competition and False Advertising
Our team advises and represents clients in unfair competition claims against competitors and others. We also counsel clients on truth-in-advertising compliance and, should the need arise, vigorously defend our clients for any claims asserted against them.

Advertising and Marketing Law
We regularly advise in-house and outside marketing, advertising, and public relations personnel on new and existing campaigns, programs, and promotions.

Internet Law
Cantor Colburn offers clients a complete range of strategic services designed to support their brands by establishing, maintaining, protecting, and enforcing their domain names and online trademark rights.

Right of Publicity
We advise clients regarding the protection of rights of publicity and represent them with regard to rights of publicity claims.

Trademark and Copyright Litigation
Cantor Colburn litigators have a proven record of enforcing and defending our clients’ trademarks and copyrights, whether through negotiated settlements, trials, or administrative proceedings.