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Copyright Litigation

Cantor Colburn litigators have a proven record of protecting and defending our clients’ copyrights.  In each engagement, our team seeks to swiftly and effectively protect and/or enforce our clients’ rights.

We prosecute and defend copyright claims for our clients, which include, for example, the recording industry, media and streaming companies, artists, software developers and photographers. We have copyright expertise in matters that involve the application of copyright law to the internet and various online environments.  We have experience in a vast array of infringement matters involving literal and non-literal copying, open source software, DMCA safe harbors and the fair use defense, among many other issues.  We are especially skilled at resolving complex claims and disputes before they escalate to trial through negotiations, mediations, and/or arbitrations. As experienced litigators, we have achieved exceptional results when a trial is unavoidable, successfully representing our clients’ copyright interests in federal court.

We represent our clients in a range of copyright infringement matters, involving both domestic and international applications. When an infringer has misappropriated copyrighted content, we pursue the claims and relief on behalf of our client initially through demand letters to manage costs, and, as a last resort, though state and federal courts. In addition to pursuing copyright claims, we have also ably defended many claims of copyright infringement.