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Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and NFTs: Metaverse Technologies in US Trademark Applications

January 19, 2023
IPLS Proceedings

Michelle Ciotola, Nancy Kennedy, and David Kincaid's article, "Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and NFTs: Metaverse Technologies in US Trademark Applications," appears in IPLS Proceedingsa publication of the State Bar of Michigan's IP Section.

In 2022, the USPTO saw steady growth in trademark applications filed to cover goods or services related to the metaverse, NFTs, or cryptocurrency. Between January and March, more than 1,000 applications included NFTs in the identification of goods and services, more than 600 included cryptocurrency, and more than 750 included reference to the metaverse. But the issues facing these applications are slowly coming to light as more and more pending applications are prosecuted.

Michelle and Nancy are trademark and copyright attorneys and David Kincaid is a patent attorney. All of them are members of the firm's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Practice Group. Here, they bring an intersectional analysis to this issue.