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Trademark Litigation

Cantor Colburn’s trademark litigators have a proven record of protecting, enforcing, and defending our clients’ trademark rights. We work swiftly, efficiently, and effectively to protect, enforce, and defend our clients’ IP rights.

We prosecute and defend a range of claims for our clients, which include leading multinational companies and individual entrepreneurs. We are especially skilled at resolving all types of claims, including complex and/or multijurisdictional disputes, before they escalate to trial. As experienced prosecutors and defenders, we have achieved exceptional results when a trial is unavoidable, successfully representing our clients’ interests in state and federal courts, before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), at the International Trade Commission (ITC), and in arbitration and/or mediation proceedings.

Our practice includes:

TTAB Opposition and Cancellation Litigation
Our team handles all aspects of inter partes proceedings at the TTAB efficiently and effectively from watch notices through trial.  We have significant experience navigating the particular TTAB rules, and have been successful over the years in both prosecuting and defending opposition and cancellation matters.

Trademark and Trade Dress Litigation
While we help clients implement effective enforcement policies to protect their brands, there are times when trademark and trade dress infringement issues cannot be resolved by proactive measures or negotiation. On such occasions, we effectively represent both plaintiffs and defendants in trademark and trade dress infringement cases.

Unfair Competition and False Advertising Litigation
We skillfully represent clients with unfair competition and false advertising claims against competitors or other third parties. Should unfair competition or false advertising claims be lodged against our client, our litigation team has the experience and track record to provide vigorous defense representation.

Online Brand Protection
Cantor Colburn’s team has significant experience in online brand protection.  We evaluate possible online infringement and determine appropriate enforcement action efficiently and cost effectively.  Possible enforcement actions include takedown notices, cease and desist letters, and/or litigation. Cantor Colburn’s team will escalate as appropriate and will work with the client to manage enforcement costs.

Domain Name Litigation
Cantor Colburn has a distinguished record in representing clients in domain name disputes. Our team is experienced in seeking domain name protection for clients under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) proceedings and in federal court.

Right of Publicity Litigation
When a client’s right of publicity is infringed, we act to resolve the issue as effectively and expeditiously as possible. Should a third-party claim be made against a client, we vigorously defend them both in and out of court.

Trademark Disputes
In addition to the above-mentioned trademark litigation practice areas, Cantor Colburn’s Trademark Litigation Practice has handled all types of trademark disputes and has been successful in protecting, enforcing, and defending our clients’ trademark rights without having to file in courts or administrative agencies.  We work extremely hard to negotiate the best possible outcome for our clients in a swift and efficient manner and in an attempt to avoid costly and protracted litigation proceedings.