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Pharmaceutical Patent Services

Pharmaceutical Patents
We offer a full range of patent application preparation and prosecution services.  We have many professionals with advanced degrees in chemistry and the life sciences.  Our attorneys and patent agents have drafted and prosecuted applications for small molecule pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, bioinformatics, personalized medicine, polymorphs, pharmaceutical formulations, methods of treatment, methods of manufacture, and diagnostic methods.  We can also assist you in obtaining patent term extensions for patent office and regulatory agency delays.

Patent Review Proceedings
A variety of pre-grant and post-grant patent review options are available under the AIA.  In some instances these proceeding can be used to contest patents as effectively as litigation but at a much lower cost.  We can assist you with pre-issuance submissions, re-examinations, inter partes review, and post grant review proceedings.  We also provide assistance with supplemental examinations and re-examinations to patent owners who wish to insure the strength and validity of their patents.

Our attorneys are experienced in preparing invalidity, non-infringement, patentability, and freedom to operate opinions for our generic, biotechnology, and drug discovery clients.  All our attorneys are trained in patent searching.  Our extensive in-house prior art searching capabilities allow us to deliver high quality legal opinions at a cost that is typically lower than the cost for legal opinions from firms which use primarily outsourced searches.   The scientific expertise of our professionals is used to provide design-around strategies to clients concerned about freedom to operate or patent infringement.  Our design-around strategies include non-infringement strategies for Orange-book listed patents.

Competitive Intelligence
Understanding your competitors’ intellectual property is essential in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  We help by providing landscape services in areas such as API, process chemistry, formulation, and methods of use patents.  Our landscape reports allow you to quickly view your competitors’ patents and patent applications that may impact your business goals.   We also offer patent monitoring services of competitors’ patent grants, patent publications, prosecution, national stage entry, litigation, and post-grant proceedings.

Pharmaceutical Licensing
Our licensing professionals deliver a full range of licensing services to our generic, biotechnology, and drug discovery clients including technology transfer agreements, confidentiality agreements, research agreements, and end user agreements.   We can assist you in structuring strategic alliances and joint development agreements.  We also provide intellectual property due diligence services for clients involved in mergers and acquisitions.

Patent portfolio management
We provide a variety of patent portfolio management strategies to our clients including national phase filing strategies, parallel patent prosecution in multiple jurisdictions, and life cycle management strategies.

Biosimilar and Interchangeable Biological Drugs
We have the expertise to assist you in negotiating the FDA process for licensing biosimilar and interchangeable biological drugs for marketing.  We can help you identify reference product patent, provide invalidity, unenforceability, and non-infringement statements, and assist in all aspects of the patent dispute resolution process, including litigation.