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Determining joint inventorship: antibody paying attention?

December 1, 2020
The Patent Lawyer Magazine

Todd Garabedian and Katherine Tassmer's article, "Determining joint inventorship: antibody paying attention?" for The Patent Lawyer Magazine Annual 2021 issue. Their article discusses the tenets of joint inventorship under U.S. law with specific reference to the Dana-Farber decision.

Todd has extensive experience as an intellectual property attorney in a wide variety of disciplines related to the biological and chemical sciences, including chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, pharmaceuticals, molecular biology, and materials science. Todd began his professional career as a research biochemist at the UCLA School of Medicine and thereafter at Washington State University where he worked in a variety of biological fields mainly centered around protein structure, function, and characterization. Before joining Cantor Colburn, Todd was a Partner at Wiggin and Dana LLP, advising clients in all aspects of patent law in the chemical and life science arts, including patent application preparation, prosecution, counseling, portfolio management, and legal opinions. His experience extends to trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and corporate transactions relating to intellectual property assets, including acquisitions, joint ventures, licensing, and other technology transfer transactions.