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Consumer Products Practice

Cantor Colburn’s Consumer Practice Group partners with clients throughout the life cycle of their products, navigating the unique challenges presented by commercialized products and IP.  Our cross-disciplinary team develops comprehensive strategies, evaluating the best use of utility and design patent protection, trademark and copyright protection, agreement development and advise, and litigation strategy and support.

Consumer Products and Patents

On the patent side, the Cantor Colburn team assists and advises clients in obtaining clearance and, where appropriate, protection/exclusivity, while considering client specific business objectives such as:

Consumer Products and Trademarks and Copyrights 

The Cantor Colburn team collaborates with clients to identify and leverage potential trademarks and trade dress associated with consumer products.  This may include primary and secondary marks of product lines, the design, shape or configuration of a product, product labeling and packaging, or even nontraditional marks such as sounds marks.  We work closely with our clients developing new brands to maximize protection while minimizing risk and anticipating future growth – paving the way for a robust portfolio of rights for a given brand and product.  For clients with established consumer products brands, we work to strengthen and enhance their assets and bring a competitive advantage.

Trademark and Trade Dress services include:

Consumer Products and Copyrights

We offer comprehensive copyright counseling to our clients in the consumer products arena.  We work to identify copyrightable assets for protection and develop a pragmatic approach to registration.  

Copyright services include:

Consumer Products and Litigation

Cantor Colburn is also well equipped to handle our clients’ litigation needs with respect to consumer products.  Cantor Colburn has litigated patent, trademark, unfair trade practices, false advertising, contract issues and other intellectual property disputes regarding a diverse array of consumer products including handheld electronic devices, lighting, exercise equipment, tools, outdoor and garden equipment, kitchen and cooking devices, bicycles, clothing, footwear, DIY automotive products and the like.  The firm’s Litigation Group includes experienced trial lawyers with a track record of success.  Our litigators have tried all varieties of intellectual property cases throughout the United States, in Federal Courts as well as before the United States Patent and Trademark Office administrative bodies.  Cantor Colburn’s litigation teams combine critical technical expertise with the courtroom experience needed to explain complex matters to judges and juries and achieve great outcomes.