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Artificial Intelligence Practice

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a quickly evolving technology with many different use cases. As a result, AI has become an integral part of many of our clients' businesses. In recognition of the importance of AI now and in the future, Cantor Colburn has assembled a team of patent attorneys who are AI knowledge experts to assist our clients in identifying and protecting AI-related inventions.

Our seasoned attorneys have a long track record of protecting software and AI inventions and our clients are leading AI innovation by developing cutting-edge AI architectures, models, and applications in the medical device, transportation, manufacturing, construction, natural resource recovery, and big tech spaces.

Just as AI develops cutting-edge solutions to technology problems, our attorneys apply new and innovative techniques for protecting our clients' investments in the AI space. We work with our clients to identify core AI and AI application inventions and develop portfolio-minded strategies for protecting these inventions.

Cantor Colburn is among the top U.S. law firms in obtaining software patents for its clients in an environment that has been very challenging since the Alice ruling by the Supreme Court in 2014. Cantor Colburn is top 10 in both getting Alice allowances and overcoming Alice rejections (Juristat). Cantor Colburn ranked #2 among high-volume filers for “Best Alice Allowance Rate,” with an allowance rate of 68% (over 13% above average), and #10 among high volume filers for “Best Alice Overcome Rate,” with 35% (almost 3% above average). Our success in overcoming Alice-type rejections is especially useful in the context of AI inventions, which can receive heightened subject matter eligibility scrutiny.