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Holiday Greeting 2022

co-created by #TeamCantorColburn and Artificial Intelligence

December 2022

Happy Holidays! We are so thankful to so many for your partnership, support, camaraderie, and inspiration, and we wish the very best to all for 2023.

This year’s holiday greeting is a bit different and is truly a team effort, reflecting the varying backgrounds, interests, and creativity among our Cantor Colburn LLP family. We asked everyone at Cantor Colburn to use artificial intelligence (AI) to make art. As you can see, the collective results reflect the diversity of our team.

AI is at work in our lives in wide and ever-increasing ways. Cantor Colburn launched an Artificial Intelligence Practice Group, and several attorneys are producing important thought leadership content on AI and IP. So we were drawn to the concept of co-creating our holiday greeting with AI. We invite each of you to give it a try, too.

We used Open AI’s DALL-E 2 system to create our artwork, and so can you. We invite you to post your version of a holiday greeting in the comments. And note, AI is amazing, but in looking at the art we created with AI, we all acknowledge a lot of it is in the uncanny valley.

Best wishes to all for the holidays and a happy, healthy, and productive year ahead! See you in 2023.

Cantor Colburn Holiday Greeting 2022 image