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AI and Copyright Protection: Brains versus Bots

January 19, 2023
IPLS Proceedings

Michael J. Rye and Katherine Tassmer's article, "AI and Copyright Protection: Brain versus Bots," appears in IPLS Proceedings, a publication of the State Bar of Michigan's IP Section.

In 2022, the United States Copyright Office grappled with the registrability of AI-generated works on more than one occasion. In their article, Mike and Katherine examine recent Copyright Office decisions and their potential implications concerning the level of requisite human involvement in the creation of machine-generated works in order to meet the statutory criteria for copyright protection. 

Mike co-chairs the Litigation Practice Group and chairs the Copyright Litigation Practice Group. He is a trial lawyer with more than 20 years’ experience whose varied intellectual property litigation practice runs the gamut of litigation from injunction hearings through appeal for domestic and international clients in a wide variety of industries.  Katherine is a Litigation Associate at Cantor Colburn, where she assists clients with an array of intellectual property infringement and enforcement actions as well as transactional matters. Both are members of the firm's Artificial Intelligence Practice Group.

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