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General Litigation

Cantor Colburn’s litigation practice encompasses a wide range of specialized service areas, serving individuals and entities of all sizes.  Our attorneys are seasoned in the courtroom, but know when to seek other options that best meet our clients’ goals. 

We are skilled in handling the following types of litigation:

Cantor Colburn’s lawyers offer an array of technical skills coupled with years of federal and state litigation experience.  They are technically knowledgeable and vastly experienced with the technologies in dispute, such as mechanical engineering, aviation, civil engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, pharmacy, biochemistry, computer science, and environmental engineering. 

Our primary goal is to match each client’s case to specific highly skilled Cantor Colburn personnel, yielding the most cost-efficient and beneficial results. Whether working to resolve a small case or a complex multi-district litigation, we bring the appropriate resources to bear to successfully resolve the dispute.