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What Non-IP Attorneys and Business Professionals Need to Know About IP Transactions

West LegalEdcenter, Thomson Reuters Webinar

November 13, 2018

Charlie O'Brien and David Bomzer will present "What Non-IP Attorneys and Business Professionals Need to Know About IP Transactions," with West LegalEdcenter, a Thomson Reuters Webinar. This session will provide attorneys and business professionals with an overview of the basic categories of intellectual property and describe the various structures of typical IP transitions (such as license agreements and development agreements), as well as identify and providing guidance on certain important provisions, including, IP ownership, types of licenses (exclusive versus non-exclusive, etc), scopes of licenses (fields of use, geographic limitations, etc), sublicensing IP, representations and warranties, royalty structures, indemnification issues, IP enforcement issues, transferability of IP agreements, and bankruptcy issues.

Charlie is a litigation partner and chairs Cantor Colburn's Transactional Practice. He has extensive experience in all aspects of complex IP licensing, including the preparation and negotiation of patent license agreements, software license agreements, joint development agreements, trademark license agreements, material transfer agreements, joint marketing and promotion agreements, and so on.

David is an intellectual property attorney, and formerly in-house at Aetna and Pratt & Whitney. He has substantial experience in negotiating short and long-term agreements touching upon the development and exchange of intellectual property with suppliers, innovation partners, and universities. He has successfully protected client interests in negotiating provisions directed to, e.g., ownership of intellectual property, confidentiality, indemnification, representations and warranties, and default.