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How IP Motivates Investors and Helps Price Drugs

With a pre-event workshop for investors, entrepreneurs and attorneys, presented by CIPLA

January 31, 2018
New Haven, Connecticut

The Connecticut Intellectual Property Law Association (CIPLA) presents the workshop, “How IP Motivates Investors and Helps Price Drugs” on Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at the Graduate Club in New Haven, which includes a pre-event workshop for investors, entrepreneurs and attorneys.

The pre-event workshop will feature Dr. Alfred Slanetz, CEO & Co-Founder of Geneius, and David Light, CEO of Valisure. Our workshop will include presentations regarding IP Battles in CAR-T Therapies' and Drug Validations'. Dr. Slanetz and Mr. Light will discuss the importance of novel approaches and how they are utilized in competitive landscapes. The cost of the pre-event workshop is included in the event - $60, but we ask that you specify whether you will also attend the workshop. It is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and directors of early stage companies to learn and receive feedback from successful, experienced entrepreneurial CEOs.  The networking reception, dinner, and panel discussion provide additional opportunities for entrepreneurs to meet angel investors, business experts, and attorneys and learn how to use IP to price their products, maximize value, and attract investment.

Anne Maxwell is CIPLA’s program chair and planned this event; Grant Ehrlich is current president. Mike Rye and Dan Drexler are past presidents.