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Export Compliance Tips For Patenting Dual-Use Tech

Expert Analysis Article

May 19, 2022
IP Law360

IP Law360 published the expert analysis article, "Export Compliance Tips For Patenting Dual-Use Tech," on May 19, 2022, written by Cantor Colburn attorney Grant Ehrlich, Ph.D., Esq. 

"Dual-use technologies, i.e., those with both civilian and military end uses, have become increasingly widespread. Avoiding a disclosure contrary to U.S. export control laws is critical for inventors and their employers and the complexities of export controls around dual-use technologies can lead to confusion," they write.

Grant M. Ehrlich, Ph.D., Esq. is a Partner and Chair of the Firm's Energy Storage, Batteries, and Materials Practice Group. He supports technology-based companies in the development and implementation of effective intellectual property (IP) strategies. He has drafted and prosecuted patents and has prepared non-infringement, invalidity, and freedom-to-operate opinions in fields spanning batteries, fuel cells, thermoelectrics, displays, sensors, medical devices, metallurgy, magnetic and magnetocaloric materials, ceramics, water treatment, heating systems, lubricants, detergents, coatings, and phosphors. His counsel is informed by his engineering experience at Pratt & Whitney in the Systems Design and Component Integration (SD&CI) Group, at UTC Fuel Cells where he led an electrode development team, his scientific experience at Yardney Technical Products where he led a lithium-ion battery technology development effort, and his Ph.D. in chemistry. He also has litigation experience as an expert in batteries, electrochemistry, and materials characterization.

Maggie Russell co-authored the article.

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