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PLI’s Patent Fundamentals Bootcamp 2021: An Introduction to Patent Drafting and Prosecution

June 2, 2021
Live Webcast

David Bomzer will speak at PLI's Patent Fundamentals Bootcamp 2021: An Introduction to Patent Drafting, Prosecution, and Litigation via Live Webcast on June 2-4, 2021.

PLI’s Patent Bootcamp offers an exceptionally comprehensive and interactive environment for attendees who want to learn the basics of patent application preparation, claims drafting, and prosecution, as well as recent developments in the law. This benchmark program provides a rare opportunity to receive individualized feedback and mentoring in focused small clinic group settings, where multifaceted strategies and best practices will be explored and discussed. Instructed by leading patent practitioners in the country who are skilled in various technology arts, attendees will work within the context of real life scenarios and be guided through the entire patent application process, receiving a thorough understanding of the basics of patent law. In addition, a litigator’s perspective is provided to show how drafting and prosecution can influence the development and outcome of patent litigation; and conversely, how a litigator’s perspective can inform patent drafting and prosecution practices.