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Cantor Colburn Partner, O’Brien, Quoted about Patent Trolls

May 2014
The Hartford Courant

Cantor Colburn’s Charles O’Brien, a partner at the intellectual property law firm, was quoted in a recent Hartford Courant news article about “patent trolls.”

The article, “’Patent Trolls’ Damage Businesses, Economy,” by Tom Condon, discusses the rising issue of patent trolls or Patent Assertion Entities or Non-Practices Entities and how they are causing wide-spread damage to American business and the U.S. economy.

O’Brien was quoted in his description of how patent trolls operate. “The targets are often small businesses—grocery stores, restaurants, even nonprofits—that cannot afford the cost of litigation. And the licensing fee is often small; the idea is to make it up in volume,” said O’Brien.

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