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#4 for Design Patents

Our of hundreds of law firms, Cantor Colburn ranks #4 for U.S. design patents in 2023.

Ant-like Persistence publishes annual "Toteboards" of patent and trademark rankings. Cantor Colburn ranks #9 for utility patents and #11 for trademarks. Significantly, no other law firm ranks higher in all three categories.

The professionals in Cantor Colburn's Design Patents Practice bring years of experience counseling clients in deploying this critical, cost-effective tools for safeguarding the ornamental features of a product against unlawful imitation. 

Cantor Colburn has been a top 10 design patent firm for a decade.

Ant-like Persistence, a must-read IP blog, identifies its criteria:

The USPTO issued 35181 design patents in 2023.  The goal of this toteboard, brought to you by the Ant-Like Persistence blog, is to list the firms that helped clients to obtain these US design patents.  It ranks the firms according to the number of US design patents obtained in 2023. Firms report only US design patents for which that firm is listed on the front page of the granted patent.  The firms in this ranking accounted for about sixteen percent of all of the granted US design patents in 2023.