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Tools to Make You Patent Valuation Look Better

August 17, 2006
IP Frontline

Partner Dave Christensen’s article, "The Tools to Make Your Patent Valuation Look Better," was published by IP Frontline (August 17, 2006). In it, Dave examines a method of quickly assessing and formulating a valuation for a large volume of patent assets. This process used secondary parameters available from commercial suppliers along with depreciation techniques for communicating the value of the patent assets to financial members of the team.

Dave currently focuses on assisting clients in protecting their inventions in both U.S. and foreign patent offices in a variety of technical fields, including automotive, electrical power distribution and transmission, renewable energy, and optical measurement systems. He also has significant experience in assisting clients in developing cost effective strategies for building and managing their intellectual property portfolios.  Dave further counsels startup to medium sized clients in preparing their portfolios for investment financing and associated due diligence activities.

Dave Christensen, Cantor Colburn