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Cantor Colburn is Proud to Support Future Climate Venture Studio

Cantor Colburn is proud to support The Future Climate Venture Studio, which brings together UConn, a national and global leader in interdisciplinary climate research; R/GA Ventures, a venture studio operator and early-stage investor; CT Next, Connecticut’s innovation agency; and additional partners from energy finance, venture capital, and technology. The Studio’s mission is to identify, support, and collaborate with the startups addressing the most critical dimensions of the climate challenge, including decarbonization, alternative energy, planetary resilience, social impact, and more.

The Future Climate Venture Studio cohort includes six selected companies that are creating solutions across a range of critical areas of climate and sustainability. The companies are:

♻️ Applied Bioplastics, delivering lower-carbon durable plastics at price and performance parity with traditional plastics while reducing emissions by 20-40%
♻️ Clean Crop Technologies, Inc., using electricity to boost yields, improve safety, and reduce waste across the food space
♻️ Cool Amps Corp., reclaiming lithium-ion battery metal components in a responsible manner—in order to develop a closed-loop supply chain that increases American competitiveness and enhances national security
♻️ GreenPortfolio, helping millennials and Gen-Z fight climate change with their financial decisions
♻️ INOVUES, retrofitting building facades to incorporate the latest energy-saving and smart glass innovations without removal, replacement, or disruption
♻️ Urban Stalk, creating novel circular vertical farming technology to grow vegetable foods locally, year-round, and with no waste or carbon-based chemicals ensuring a higher quality, nutritiously safe product