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7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an IP Attorney

May 12, 2022
Atlanta Tech Village blog post

Patent attorney and partner at the #4 patent law firm in the U.S., Tanmay Dharmadhikari shares inside information for entrepreneurs, inventors, and innovators in his article, 7 Questions to Ask before Hiring an IP Attorney, published by Atlanta Tech Village, the 4th largest tech space in the U.S.

Tanmay works closely with clients to strategize the protection and monetization of their creative endeavors on a global stage. He partners with his clients to understand their vision and business model and ensures that the appropriate IP assets are identified, protected, and enforced. He has drafted 300+ patent applications, prosecuted 500+ patent applications, analyzed several competitor portfolios, and conducted multiple patent mining sessions to identify high-value innovations. He has a BE in Computer Engineering, an MS in Computer Science, an  MBA and a JD.

"An Intellectual Property (IP) attorney is an essential partner from the beginning of your startup journey and throughout the operation of a well-established business," Tnamay writes in his article. "You will have to make IP-related business decisions specific to your company. Based on factors like the problem that your company aims to solve, your business strategy, your competitors, etc., rigorously protecting your IP rights may be viewed as important to the business. Further, depending on your time to market, protecting IP rights might be considered to be urgent to the business. In most cases, protecting your company’s IP should be viewed as both important AND urgent to the business. 

"Selecting an IP attorney and law firm should be a deliberate decision with the necessary due diligence. Your relationship with your IP attorney will be a long-term one, and the consequences of making a poor selection could prove disastrous for your business."