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IPO Chat Channel: Protecting Software Related to a Medical Device Case Law Review & Strategy

April 14, 2021
live webinar

Ishir Mehta will be part of the IPO Chat Channel panel discussion, Protecting Software Related to a Medical Device: A Case Law Review & Strategy on April 14, 2021. Free to IPO members; register here.

Software has become increasingly intertwined with medical devices, serving to monitor, control, evaluate, extrapolate, etc. In some instances, software now forms a medical device itself to not only guide a clinician in diagnosis and/or treatment but to form its own diagnosis and/or issue its own treatment. This webinar will review recent case law relating to software-related medical patents and provide strategy tips for preparing and prosecuting patent applications involving such technologies.

Joining Ishir in the discussion are Christopher George of Hanley, Flight & Zimmerman, John Kind of Fenwick & West, and Ryan Phelan of Marshal, Gerstein & Borun. They are members of the IPO Software Related Inventions Committee. 

Ishir Mehta photo