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The AI Strategy Summit: IP, Data and Compliance – Houston

presented by CenterForce

September 26, 2024

Partner Matteo Pedini will attend The AI Strategy Summit: IP, Data and Compliance – Houston on September 26, 2024.  

Designed for legal professionals, IP specialists, data privacy experts, compliance officers, and business leaders, this premier event offers practical solutions on how to leverage AI to drive innovation and productivity while ensuring compliance with regulations.

Participants will benefit from an in-depth exploration of the multidisciplinary approach required to navigate the complexities of AI, including the management of IP, the safeguarding of data privacy, adherence to compliance standards, and the protection of trade secrets.

Key topics include:
  • Developing a Comprehensive Corporate AI Policy: Legal, Ethical, and Compliance Considerations
  • Navigating Intellectual Property Challenges in AI-Driven Innovations
  • Comprehensive Strategies for Detecting and Mitigating Bias and Hallucinations in AI
  • The Future of Data Privacy in an AI-Driven World: Emerging Trends and Predictions
  • The Future of AI in Patent Strategy, Management, and Prosecution
  • Cybersecurity in the Age of AI: Risks, Rewards, and Strategies
  • Trade Secret Protection in the Digital Age