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Cantor Colburn Ranks #4 for Utility Patents, #5 for Design Patents, and #8 for Trademarks in 2022

Cantor Colburn ranks #4 for Utility Patents, #5 for Design Patents, and #8 for Trademarks in 2022. Not only does Cantor Colburn rank in the top ten in patents and trademarks out of hundreds of U.S. law firms, but also no other law firm ranks higher in all three categories.

“These rankings are the result of the extraordinary effort and skill of everyone at Cantor Colburn,” said Co-Managing Partner Michael A. Cantor.

Hundreds of U.S. law firms participated in the rankings based on more than 300,000 U.S. utility patents granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2022. To be eligible, firm must be listed on the front page of the granted patents. Intellectual property thought leader Ant-like Persistence published the report.

For utility patents, Cantor Colburn's talented patent attorneys and agents work in a wide array of technologies, including electrical engineering, computer science and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, metallurgy, chemical engineering, chemistry, polymers, biochemistry, and more. In 2022, the firm obtained 3,154 U.S. utility patents for its clients.

For design patents, Cantor Colburn's Design Patent Practice Group obtained 306 U.S. design patents for its clients, working for a diverse group of products and technologies ranging from automotive to chewing gum and candy. In the past five years, the team has been responsible for more than 2,500 issued design patents.

For trademarks, Cantor Colburn's Trademark & Copyright Practice obtained 469 U.S. Trademark registrations for its clients. The firm's Trademark & Copyright professionals bring years of experience to helping brand owners manage their brands and IP assets.