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#4 for Utility Patents, #4 for Design Patents, #6 for Trademarks

February 4, 2022

Cantor Colburn LLP is the #4 law firm for the most U.S. utility patents and #4 for design patents obtained in 2021. Cantor Colburn is also #6 for trademarks in 2021 (Ant-like Persistence blog).

Of the 3,652 utility patents obtained in 2021, the Firm tops the rankings in all technology centers:

#1 Mechanical engineering, manufacturing and products
#1 Transportation, construction, agriculture, licensing and review
#3 Computer architecture, software, and information security
#4 Chemical and materials engineering
#7 Semiconductors, electrical and optical systems, and components
#15 Communications
#29 Business methods
#33 Biotechnology and organics
#39 Computer networks, multiplex, cable and cryptography

Almost 800 U.S. law firms were ranked based on the total number of U.S. utility patents that issued in 2021 where the patent firms were listed on the front of the utility patents.  Included are patent firms that have obtained at least 50 utility patents. (Harrity Patent Analytics).