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Cantor Colburn is Top 5 Utility Patent Law Firm in the U.S.

January 14, 2020
IP Law360

Cantor Colburn  is proud to announce that the firm is ranked #4 among U.S. law firms for the most U.S. utility patents obtained in 2019. IP Law360 published the article, “This Firm Secured the Most Utility Patents In 2019,” (January 14, 2020, Tiffany Hu), showing that Cantor Colburn obtained 4,201 patents in 2019, an increase of almost 15% over 2018. The ranking was of more than 700 U.S. law firms that had filed more than 50 utility patents in 2019, analyzing the data on more than 300,000 patents obtained in 2019.  Cantor Colburn has been a staple on the top 10 list of securing patents for its clients for over a decade.

Chart of Top Patent Law Firms 2019

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